It may seem strange that an online social media growth strategist like myself may only be "pinning" for the first time, at this day & age. Yeah, like whaaat? Hey, I love Pinterest and I've been on it for a while solely on a personal level, but I've decided it's time to change that.


Truth is, when it comes to social media concept implementation from a business perspective decisions need to be made. From past experience I've learned (the hard way) that prioritizing is key. Keeping a good standard of consistency whilst trying to do it all at once will either set you up for failure on your ability to provide quality content or... you'll reach burnout in the blink of an eye. Producing content is time consuming so we need to evaluate which steps we need to take first. In a Blogger's world we're the writer, the grafic designer, the digital content creator, the copywrityer, the photographer, the marketeer - we're a blazzing one-man-show. Ufff!

Facebook and Instagram were my selected social media platforms for laying the foundation I believed would best serve my intentions of building my digital media presence and brand. Fast forward to today - 2 social media platforms & 2 years later - entering year 3 I now think I can handle "pinning"...

I can't wait to start "pinning" the original content that I produce daily on my new Pinterest account. I'm excited about the idea of creating awareness about the Algarve region to fellow "pinners" around the world. My aim, as always, will be to provide local insight about this land that's lead me to lust over its neverending beauty and the amazing lifestyle it has to offer, thus inspirmg others to put it as a destination on their travel bucket list.

But, because I see Pinterest as a platform that delivers inspiration like no other I thought I would start by sharing what inspires me in context with my vision of "The Sunny Algarve". These are my first 10 pins and they are a selection of how others who "pin" inspire me!

1. Portuguese Mosaic Tiles

Azulejos! They decorate everything from walls of churches and monasteries, to palaces, ordinary houses, park seats, fountains, shops, and train stations. Anyone who follow my stories on Instagram already knows that I have a passion for snapping photos of the differnt patterns I encounter.

Azulejos date as far back as the 13th century, when the Moors invaded the land that now belongs to Spain and Portugal, but they secured their foothold in Portuguese culture between the 16th and 17th centuries. Although they are not a Portuguese invention, they have been used more imaginatively and consistently in Portugal than in any other nation.

2. Algarve's got nothin' on Lisbon

This reminds me of exactly that! This scenic view is from Lagos but what people fail to remember is that if they delve into the hidden streets and rooftop terraces of Algarve's villages they will be able to grasp that cultural view that many think only Lisbon has.

Don't get me wrong, Lisbon is fascinating. I lived there for a number of years. The cultural options there are endless but what I find is that people visit the Algarve and mainly focus on our beaches. Yes, they are stunning. Some of which considered the most beautiful beaches on the planet. However, in my opinion, learning to dose between the region's beach vibes and it's urban culture can provide the best of both worlds without having to leave the sunny Algarve to look for this type of secular inspiration elsewhere.

3. Those Charming Doors

I can't seem to see a beautiful door without having to photograph it. Algarve's doors are something else. The colors, the different designs. And for me there's just something about the underlying symbolism of doors that intrigues me.

In a literal context, doors represent the unknown, as in “I wonder what’s behind this door?” It stimulates curiosity and pokes at our adventurous side, beckoning for us to open it and find out. Oh how I wish every door I photograph would open so that I could capture the essence of what lies within closed doors.

4. I Can't Keep Calm Around Clams or Cataplanas

Sea should be written with a "C". I follow a pescatarian diet and most of my favorite foods start with a "C". Cod, Cuttlefish, Crab, Cockles, Caviar, Ceviche - the list goes on but a double "C'd" Clam Cataplana?! Food just doesn't get more exciting than that! Enough said 🙂


5. Simply Beautiful

This illustrates just how simple beauty can be and it represents Algarve's architecture to perfection. It's literally amazing how much beauty is to be extracted from this corner home entrance in Aljezur. A pure white bougainvillea, a time-washed blue door in a cobblestoned village of distant origins. True inspiration. Aljezur is marked by various archeological remnants and its territory has been inhabited since prehistoric times. It's a travelers dream, where traces from remote pre-historical times that attest to the age of the region (as late as 7000 BCE) can still be felt to the fullest.

6. A Spectacle Of Street Serendipity

The Algarve is the perfect setting for an architectural awakening where serendipity always seems to set the emotion for a successive twist and unexpected dose of colors and textures.

One of my favorite things to do in the Algarve is to allow myself to "get lost" and "give in" to that feeling where I let destiny lead the way. Do you ever feel that urge? I know I do and it's led me to many places of unforseen beauty and to experience moments of unpredicted brilliance.

7. Timeless Tavira

Everything about Tavira reminds me of a timeless journey where - during split-seconds of contemplation - time has the ability to stand still.

Whilst Aveiro is known as "The Venice of Portugal", Tavira is known as "The Venice of the South". The architectural and archeological patrimony of Tavira is preserved and restored as an important part of Portugal's heritage. Oh, how I love that the bike in this photograph makes room for a twist adding a sense of art to the scene, powerfully captured by the artisan flowers in it's basket.

8. That Farmhouse Feeling

Places that bring back the feeling of simple days gone by. A feeling of harmony and serenity. Farmhouse style homes produce a feeling of life moving just a little bit slower. Of nature never being too far away. Of working hard and resting deeply.

The Algarve possesses quite a few of these charming rural hotels where one can check-in and unwind. This photograph features Pensão Agricola a small rural hotel located between the historic town of Tavira and Cacela Velha.

9. Whitewashed Houses On a Secluded Island

I love the concept of authentic whitewashed houses. One look at them and you can tell they're totally different from freshly painted white ones. In old times it was common to water down paint and brush it on as if they were washing the walls.

To this day some locals still use this technique to maintain their property. This particular house is located at Armona island. Many people visit the Algarve and don't even realise that we have beautiful islands that can be explored along the Ria Formosa. Armona island is my favorite one.

10. Salgado's Lovely Lagoon

Seen from above it looks like a mini Ria Formosa if you ask me. How impressive nature can be. I live in the Salgados area, just a short 10 minute walk from this lagoon and it's part of my workout circuit. Beach vibes, brisk walking and bird watching is my way of getting some excercise while simultaneously feeling a deep connection to nature. I never fail to find inspiration when I find myself at this special place.

My Own First Pinned Photo On Pinterest

I've chosen this photograph to illustrate the style of visual content that I intend to share on The Sunny Algarve's Pinterest account. Just one for now. No filling up my account with the endless photographs I already have. For me this journey starts now. Fresh new pinterest-style content of places and things that inspire me as I continue to live my personal Algarve lifestyle "here & there".

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