Algarve is pretty high up on anyone’s bucket list for 2019. But, can you travel Algarve on a shoestring budget?

They say paradise doesn’t come without a price. However, penny pinching you’re way (and stay!) is a lot easier than you might think.

Here are my Top 5 Hacks to traveling the Algarve without breaking the bank.

1. Work Around Transportation Options, Ingeniously

Traveling on a dime takes some flexibility. It also takes some artful and clever ways of making sure your whole budget fits into the paradise picture frame you’ve idealized, for a bargain.

Now to fit a destination as monumental as this into that picture frame, ingenious will be a one part formula to reaching the european destination that offers a rock-havened coast over baby blue waters, vibrant landscapes and the cultural experience the world is talking about.


Finding cheap flights to the Algarve can be tricky, but there are plenty of fare-comparing websites that make finding the cheapest deal easy-peasy. These websites typically include a notification system you can opt into that will send you an email when flight prices drop below a certain level for your target destination.

If you’re on a budget you should probably skip booking through your local brick and mortar travel agent. “DIY”, online yo!? You can save a bunch of your hard earned money by going – direct to source – through budget carriers flying the route you need. Hello FAO (and cocktails on the beach!).

My absolute favorite resource is Momondo. It will give you an idea of the cheapest days and months to fly and it will send you those emails, known as golden nuggets that are any budget travelers dream come true.

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