Coming up with a top-notch instagram-worthy photo shoot itinerary can be time consuming and it takes a lot of research! That’s why I’ve taken the guess-work out of having to determine 2019's absolute best spots that instagrammers and travel enthusiasts alike simply cannot miss when seeking the “perfect instagram shot” in the Algarve this season.




Flights are booked and you’re just a few short weeks away from that European holiday you so much deserve. Expectations are high and the Algarve is sure not to dissapoint.

You’ve been feeding off the Algarve hashtag and your Instagram feed is already nourishing your mind, body and soul with incredible locations, perfect sunsets and the magical moments you’ll want to experience (and capture for your next instagram post!).

You know What They Say: "Location, Location, Location!"


So let's dive right into that! And no, I'm not talking about Benagil Cave, Ponta da Piedade in Lagos or where it was once known to be "the end of the world" - Sagres...

The sunny Algarve is all that, but so much more. As an Instagrammer myself I really appreciate being able to find locations that bring a sense of uniqueness and novelty to "the gram" and not that "same, same" that everyone else is "gramming" about. I mean, there's only so much you can do to make your content stand out amongst another 2.7 million posts hastagged with #Algarve and competing for the explore page, right?

A different perspective, props, your own personality and creative flare but hey, what if you added originality? Places that will intrigue your audience into knowing more - about you - because they can immediately recognize that your content is insightfull, fresh, and new. Content that they've never seen before. Think about that for a minute. It has a lot of power and that's why I propose that you get off the "instagram beaten track" and choose locations in the Algarve that can deliver just that. Here's 3 locations with coastal landscape features that can leave you - and your followers - at a loss for words.

1. The Secret Beaches Between Alvor and Vau

Heading east from the main beach in Alvor in direction to Portimão you will find a magical fairytale-like coastal landscape of torn coves and secret beaches, some of which accessible only by sea. I kid you not, you will need to sit down to be able to take in the beauty that will be presented just before your eyes. Possibly, many times over, while you make your way through  a labyrinth comprised of secret passageways and stunning views.


As you make your way to Vau beach you'll discover the stunning beach coves of Três Irmãos, João Arens and Submarino, each of which offer landscapes that are a photographers dream. All uniquely complemented by translucid waters that create the ultimate paradisiac atmosphere!


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2. The Secret Beach Cove Between Praia dos Arrifes & Praia de São Rafael in Albufeira

Albufeira isn't all "hussle & bussle". You may be under that impression because you're trapped on the somewhat "touristy" beaches of its heart center. When you realise that there's 220 km of coastline and 40% of the entire regions holiday accomodation facilities are located in just this one city, there's no wonder you think that. The main beaches are packed! You gotta get outta there, my friend. But hey, you don't have to travel extreme measures to find secluded coastal beach havens.


This particular piece of heaven is just a short 5 minute drive west of Albufeira and that's "me, myself and I" with an entire beach to myself, in July! Any Instagrammer knows - and values - the importance of finding visually pleasing places that can tell a story of wanderlust where you can "do your thing" without it turning into a performance for a surrounding audience. Alleluia, yes please, thank you very much!

The cove itself has no name. You can access it by getting yourself to Arrifes beach. Head west and follow the yellow brick road. Just kidding 🙂 Follow a beaten trail that untwines from the top of the cliff and it will lead you down to a small hidden cove, and enjoy.


3. The Secret Swallow's Nest Beach In Galé, Albufeira

The locals call it "Praia Ninho de Andorinha", which in english translates do Swallows Nest Beach. This is such a hidden gem that I really prefer to leave you only with a sneak-peek. I don't want to spoil it for you. To this day I have yet to see anyone I've taken there maintain a straight face. Jaw-drop, long sigh awaits you. Peek in...


The views from above are mesmerizing and you will never forget the feeling of utter bliss you'll experience once you find yourself within this swallows nest-shaped haven. It's nothing short of monumental.

To find it you will need to make use of your sense of direction and natural instinct. The best referrence point I can give you is the Baia Grande Hotel in Galé. Walk in direction to the coastline. Once you've reached it let your senses be the wings that point you in the right direction and you will find it.


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Those Charming Local Food & Wine Scene Shots

The Top 6 Foodie Experience Hotspots Trending This Year

Do you cater to an audience that follows you're instagram journey because you're gram is all about food style? Maybe you just consider yourself a Foodie that loves to experience real good food and appreciates a darn good setting. Either way,  you know that rush that you get when you combine intensely fusioned flavors prepared in ways that not only pair with your taste buds but also make a "hella" impression when it makes it's way to your table?

Swipe through. My Top 6 most instagrammable food spots, coming right up!

All 6 of these foodie hotspots are trending this year and they boast an atmosphere and unique décor inspired by traditional details that can make your next instagram photo "pop" with portuguese colors. They are the perfect stage for a story that's told through taste and texture.

If you appreciate the feeling of being emersed in surroundings that are enfused by authentic local food experiences, I guarantee that the experience itself will be a prelude to the capture of the perfect instagram food shot at any one of these 6 foodie hotspots.

Last But Not Least. That "Livin' The Lifestyle" Shot

Snap It Like You Mean It At The 1 And Only

Sunsets, gorgeous people with golden tans, amazing food and DJ's - on the beach! Ok, that about sums up how to pass as a local in the Algarve. But along it's 200 kilometers of coast, where might you ask - where is "the spot"?! Well, scroll down and caption this...

Portuguese lifestyle blogger Mariana Gemelgo captured the vibe beautifully from above and captioned it with one word: "Dreamland".  You can experience this fairytale setting and up your instagram lifestyle vibe at Caniço Restaurante Bar in Prainha, Alvor. I mean, let's be honest, you’d have to be insane to leave the Algarve without “livin’ a little”. Cheers to that!

So there you have it. Your undefeatable itinerary – verified and by a local and packed with insight – for the perfect instagram posts! Follow my leads and you’ll be set up for a dose of Algarve “instafame” ensuring your visit exceeds your audience’s expectation when time comes to telling your most compelling visual instagram stories about your trip to the sunny Algarve.

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